Category: Kontakter

Blow/puff switch PU101

ASSISTIVE DEVICESThe product is designed to activate an external alarm when a user blows or puffs into the switch.The PU101 has a 3,5 mm jack plug and can be connected to a transmitter, e.g. TX901 from KNOP.The puff switch can be mounted on a gooseneck and a Super Clamp.Also available with build-in transmitter […]

Cheek switch KK100

ASSISTIVE DEVICESThe cheek switch is designed so that it can be placed close to a user's head, for example, so that the alarm can be activated simply by turning the user's head towards the KK100.Can be used where the user is unable to activate an alarm with a pull cord or push button.The […]

Pressure mats

ASSISTIVE DEVICESThe pressure mat can be used, for example, when you want to know when a person leaves his bed.The mat is placed next to the bed, where the user usually puts his feet when getting up.The unit can be used with a KNOP's transmitters e.g., TX901 or a call system.The pressure mat must […]