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ASSISTIVE DEVICES With USB901 and the corresponding software KNOPtool, it is possible to update the firmware of KNOP's 901 series products. KNOPtool can also provide access to extended functions as well as setups in certain products, such as RX901B and TX901. KNOPtool can be downloaded freely below. It will be possible to download setups of […]

Controller CT901

ASSISTIVE DEVICES By using a controller CT901 instead of CT901BED, functionality can be extended. For single persons in private homes, the CT901 can be set to send an alarm if the person has not gone to bed by bedtime or has not gotten up by a certain time in the morning, as this […]

Pressure mat TR901

ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGYPressure mat TR901  Pressure mat with built-in radio transmitter for receiver in KNOP's 901 series. The pressure mat is also available with a 3m cable and an attached 6.3mm jack plug check here.Item no: TR303410HF 110x70cm with transmitter TR303417HF 70x40cm with transmitter Accessories: KNOPTool KNOPtool/USB901 for update and setup

Repeater RP902

ASSISTIVE DEVICESThe RP902 is a repeater in the KNOP repeater system, which is used together with the MR902.The RP902 is used to extend the coverage area of KNOP's 901 series products.Up to 14 RP902s can be connected to one MR902.The RP902 has a battery backup so that the system operates in the event of […]

Master Repeater MR902

ASSISTIVE DEVICESWith KNOP's repeater system MR902 and RP902, it is possible to extend both the range and functionality of KNOP's 901 series products.The system consists of a Master Repeater MR902 and several Repeaters RP902, depending on the area to be covered.The MR902 has a battery backup so that the system operates in the […]

Transmitter TX901D

ASSISTIVE DEVICES The TX901D is a 2 channel transmitter designed to transmit to receivers in the KNOP 901 series. The TX901D has an external input that is activated either on the RJ45 or the Mini-Jack connector. The product can be powered either via the internal batteries (2 x 1,5 V AA alkaline) or the […]

Transceiver RTX901D

ASSISTIVE DEVICES The RTX901D is a 1 channel transmitter and receiver designed to transmit and receive for KNOP's 901 series products. The receiver has a relay output as well as an on/off switchable buzzer. The RTX901D has an external input on either the RJ45 or Mini-Jack connector which can activate the transmitter. The product […]

Sound Alarm LAK901

ASSISTIVE DEVICESLAK901 is a sound-activated call that is designed to work with KNOP's 901 series.The transmission occurs when the LAK901 detects a sound/noise at a certain level.LAK901 sound-activated call is intended to assist patients and staff in situations where the patient cannot activate a normal call system but can call with sound.With LAK901 […]

Receiver RX901C

ASSISTIVE DEVICES RX901C is a receiver in the KNOP's 901 series. It can be used with 250 transmitters, which can be given a name of your choice. The last 50 calls are stored in a list, where you can see the time of the call, where the call came from, and if it has […]

Position system POS901

ASSISTIVE DEVICESPOS901 is a transmitter that is part of the KNOP's positioning system and is designed to send a position to products in the KNOP 901 series, so that you can see where people with, for example, a dementia transmitter, emergency call, or fall sensor are located.POS901 has a built-in antenna and is […]

Positionering system

ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY- dementia protection and personal securityWith KNOP's positioning system for dementia and personal security, it is possible to see where a person is.An area is secured by setting up a number of position rods, POS901, typically set up at entrance and exit doors and in corridors, so that the unit can register a […]


ASSISTIVE DEVICESWith a selection of products from Manfrotto and others, it is possible to make an easy and flexible mounting, such as cheek switches and puff switches.Item No:Description Image02322035Super Clamp02322036Adapter screw f. gooseneck -> super clamp23167023169020000012Gooseneck 30 cm, chromeGooseneck 48-52 cm, chromeGooseneck 60 cm, black244NManfrotto 244N Variable Friction Arm244MINIManfrotto 244 Mini Variable Friction Arm026Manfrotto 026 […]

Transmitter/Doorguard TX901

ASSISTIVE DEVICESThe TX901 is a transmitter and/or door guard, designed to send calls to receivers in the KNOP's 901 series.The transmission is done by pressing a button on the transmitter or by activating an input.The TX901 alarm transmitter has four buttons that can be viewed as individual calls on the RX901B or RX901C.The external […]

Bed guard CT901BED

ASSISTIVE DEVICESMinimize the risk of falling at night with the CT901BED bed guard with built-in light.CT901BED is a bed guard that can give an alarm when a person leaves the bed or does not return within a certain time.The bed guard can switch on a light when the person leaves the bed to […]

Transmitter TX901A

ASSISTIVE DEVICESThe TX901A is a 1-channel battery-powered waterproof alarm transmitter, available as both a wristband transmitter and a neck-worn transmitter, the TX901A-H.The TX901A-T has an additional pressure plate, which is designed for people who, for example, have arthritis in their fingers or have difficulty pressing the red alarm button.If the TX901A wristband transmitter […]

Receiver RX901B

ASSISTIVE DEVICESRX901B is a receiver in the KNOP's 901 series.The unit can be carried in a pocket or on a neck strap.250 transmitters can be encoded and assigned a name of your choice.The last 50 calls are stored in a list, where you can see the time of the call, where the call came […]

Modtager RX901A

RX901A er en armbåndsmodtager i KNOP’s 901 serie.Der kan indkodes 250 sendere, som man kan tildele et navn efter eget valg.De sidste 50 kald gemmes i en liste, hvor man kan se tidspunktet for kaldet, samt hvor kaldet er kommet fra, og om den er kvitteret.Med RX901A er det muligt at foretage et nødkald […]

Modtager RX900-2RE

Produktet er udgået og erstattes af RX901C.RX900-2RE er en 2-kanals trådløs modtager, som kan modtage kald fra alle sendere i KNOP’s 900 serie.RX900-2RE har en relæudgang, der kan tilsluttes eksternt udstyr som f. eks. en telefonsender eller et andet kaldeanlæg.Ekstra udstyr: Der er mulighed for tilslutning af sengevibrator, der kan lægges ind under hovedpuden når man […]